RSA Launches True Sport!

At the 2018 Alberta Rope Skipping Championships, Rope Skipping Alberta became the first rope skipping organization to officially adopt True Sport Principles.

Athletes, coaches, judges, parents, volunteers and spectators were invited to sign the True Sport banner to show their own commitment to the True Sport Principles.

True Sport Principles in action could be seen at the competition. One principle is "Respect Others" and includes, "Win with grace, lose with dignity". This was personified through the actions of Jordan Coen of the Alleycatz. A strong and usually consistent competitor, Jordan struggled in the consecutive double unders event. Before even leaving the competition floor, Jordan could be seen extending genuine congratulations to his competitors! If you look closely at the True Sport banner, you will see Jordan's signature in the very middle of the True Sport symbol. Jordan, thank you for being a leader in putting True Sport Principles into action!

True Sport has produced a short video, "The Heart of True Sport ". At the heart of True Sport is a simple idea – good sport can make a great difference.

Stream this 90 second video montage, a visual representation of the True Sport Principles. What difference will you make?

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