Board of Directors

Rope Skipping Alberta Association is governed by a board of directors.

2019/20 Board of Directors

Chair (1 year term): Denise Fisher Grimshaw AlleyCatz
Vice Chair (2 year term): Jeff Fox Connectivity Skippers Leduc
Vice Chair (1 year term): Tannis Coen Grimshaw AlleyCatz
Secretary (2 year term): Kendra Thompson Calgary Skip Time
Treasurer (1 year term): Andrea Carlson Connectivity Skippers Leduc
Alberta Representative, RSC (2 year term): Jana Hamilton Connectivity Skippers Leduc
Director at Large (2 year term): Nicola Eleniak Heartland High Energy
Director at Large (2 year term): Melissa Burt Grimshaw AlleyCatz
Director at Large (1 year term): Ché Borden Calgary Skip Squad
Director at Large (1 year term): Tyrel Gibson Grimshaw AlleyCatz


Non-Board Positions

Rope Skipping Canada Representatives:  Erin Gillespie
Rope Skipping Canada Rules Representative:  Willis Kozak
Rope Skipping Canada Judges Representative:  Vacant